Here is my second game on PICO-8: Eleni Foot Bag. Inspired by California Games, a game I played in my childhood on the Sega Master System, and in particular the foot bag mini-game, I'm testing myself on recreating this one, with personalized graphics and sounds.


  • ⬅️ and ➡️ to move Eleni,
  • ❎ for using the foot and the knee,
  • ⬅️ + ❎ for using the right heel,
  • ➡️ + ❎ for using the left heel,
  • 🅾️ for jumping (for using the head).

Each bodypart that shoots the ball gains:

  • 1 point for the foot or for the knee,
  • 2 points for the right heel or for the left heel,
  • 3 points for the head.

If your combo is a multiple of 10 when you shoot, the points are doubled.

If you shoot the pigeon, you earn 8 points.

I wish you good scores and good game.

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